I like my racists where I can see ‘em…

So apparently the general populous of the United States is now becoming wise to the possible draw backs of voting in a Pussy Grabbing President.  I have to say it wasn’t America’s brightest idea, but then again I don’t believe the invasions of Vietnam and Iraq were exactly shinning moments of brilliance either.  I suppose it maybe a little unfair to blame US citizens for their country’s involvement in illegal wars.  After all, when Americans turn up to the polls, there is no box to check ‘in the event you would/wouldn’t like War as an optional extra.’ However, voters were warned well in advance that this year’s Republican candidate wore Misogyny and Racism like a politically incorrect Halloween costume.


My opinions and I have, for the most part decided to sit this one out.  Much like the close girlfriend who whines about the apparent flaws of her mate, chooses to marry him anyway; only to learn of his infidelity.  America is now having an almighty; what were you thinking moment, and I’m afraid that I’m going to have to treat her, just as I would my annoying friend.


Trump’s 1970s inspired approach to the fairer sex seems to have gotten droves of Western women all riled up.  With a recent spate of Women’s Marches popping up state-wide.  The largest of which took place last month in Washington DC.  Ever afraid of missing a photo opportunity the luvvies were out in full force.  It was truly heart-warming to see the A-list challenging the rich and the privileged, before being escorted back to their heated Winnebago’s.  Forgive me Reader for my cynicism, I should know better, I am a woman after all.  But, would it be in anyway inaccurate to see this new anti- Trump coalition as an act of collective amnesia?


According to a CNN exit poll, 53% of white women who did vote, voted for a clearly beloved Trump.  A similarly strange case is that of the Assalis; a family of Syrian origin, who had long been settled in the US.  The family then found themselves facing deportation as a result of dear Donald’s travel ban. As it becomes clear that Americans who stood to lose the most at the hands of a Trump presidency willingly chose to vote against their own interests.  The picture of Trump as North America’s perennial bad guy appears to be a canvas made up entirely of grey.  Now, let’s get this clear, the creosote coloured Commander in Chief, is off the charts on the sexism and xenophobia scale.  But sadly many Trump voters seemingly forgot, the piercing bite that always follows the raising of a snake.


Reader you married him.  Choosing to walk down the aisle of international relations to a funeral dirge.  Luckily for me, I am located on the other Brexit polluted side of the pond. Now, not only will I get to see my own country slip into chaos, confusion and joy oh joy recession; but I will bear witness to Trump’s slow and painful undoing of the American Dream.  Popcorn and tissues at the ready; I think this is going to be a weepie.