so i accidentally bought a Chanel bag

As implausible as it may sound, I really did purchase the Classic Flap by pure and unadulterated accident.  Who hasn’t popped into a luxury department store for a pint of (almond) milk and walked out with an iconic handbag?

You may recall that my heart belonged to the other star quarterback of Flap bag world; the Boy. Rest assured that my lust for Karl’s Kreation remains konstant and has not kooled as if it were a bowl of pasta left on a window sill. My purchase was one of circumstance, not premeditation (okay maybe a bit of premeditation).

But, I believe that even the great Confucius himself went into a temporary and short state of reverie before securing his first Timeless Classic.

Flap Body

Of late I’ve been on an all time high.  Then, just when I thought the chance of life exceeding my present state of serendipity would be a fine one, I was like, totally, offered my dream job (bonkers I know).

And I thought to myself, I would never (ever) find a better excuse to hand over a prince’s ransom in exchange for a beautiful, but woefully over priced bag.  I hope you can see my logic here.

So began my evening ritual of making many, (many) calls to the Chanel boutique at Harrods.  I, along with half of the global female population, was in hot pursuit of a medium Boy bag, in the classic combo of black with gold hardware.

But, having been forewarned by YouTuber Sophie Shohet, that given its sharp corners the Boy, made in lambskin, was notorious for quickly showing signs of age; I of course wanted my Chanel shaped dream to be coated in caviar leather.

Alas, the Fashion Gods, did not answer my prayer; not even my devoted recitals of Buddhist incantations could alter the fact, that the bag in question was not part of Chanel’s permanent collection. I would have to fight tweed and nail if I wanted to make the Boy bag mine…

Flap pic

In terms of French fancies, it seemed my luck had come to an irritating and inconvenient end; and then I thought to myself ‘am I not skipping a beat here?’.

Hadn’t I wanted the Classic Flap, since I first saw its quilted, buttery deliciousness all those moons ago? Hadn’t it been the sight, that could always soothe my sore, sore eyes?  My mind flashed upon images of the turn lock, the Mona Lisa Pocket, and the Flap’s supple Burgundy interior; there was no doubt about it, it had taken my heart (and wallet) all over again.

Sidebar: I was also experiencing extreme angst and dread over the prospect of Chanel throwing a surprise price increase; much in the same way an unhappy girlfriend dreads a surprise marriage proposal displayed over a screen in Times Square.  There was nothing for it, I had to buy it.

Reader, I bought it! And really, I could not be more thrilled.  Apart from the perpetual anxiety I have about using it/ taking it out/ scratching it/ losing it/ it being stolen I think it turned out pretty well…


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